AthELITE InFocus

The next frontier in athletic development and performance is in Vision Training. By training the visual system an athlete will react faster and have better accuracy because they "see" better. Professional athletes are incredible examples of speed, strength, coordination and endurance.We offer High Performance Vision Training to improve eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, reaction time, peripheral awareness and visual processing. The ultimate goal for an athlete is to respond as quickly as possible with skill by training to strengthen muscles, improving speed, quickness, and power.

An important item to note is that the training is not just for athletes but for anyone aiming to improve the vision such as police officers, fire fighters, or even the child with reading difficulty and behavioral problems.


To excel at any sport it is crucial to train by strengthening muscles, improving speed, quickness, and power. The ultimate goal of training is simply to respond as quickly as possible, without thought. Vision is much more than seeing clearly; it is about processing information as quickly, accurately, and as easily as possible. Enhanced Vision Training (EVT) is a process to train the brain to utilize all the information from the eyes. Vision is not just seeing 20/20; it is something more.

The EVT is a process that has as its first step to obtain the maximum visual acuity and determine baseline ocular health. Optimizing acuity can be achieved via many different avenues including prescription spectacles (Rec Speks), Contact Lenses, and CRT. The second step of EVT is to actually train the eyes and the brain to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Just like general training, sports vision training requires practice, strengthening, and coordination with the whole body. As the individual progresses through the training the visual tasks are made more demanding and complicated and peripheral awareness is trained. The final step of training is visualization training. Every stage of EVT is designed to improve acuity, focusing skills, muscle coordination, reaction time, and peripheral awareness which will improve overall performance and get you into the ‘zone’.