Medical Eye Examination

“I do have an important story to share with you. I met Scott early on before his endeavor to become a Doctor of Optometry. In knowing of the start of his practice I soon signed on to be his patient and my Doctor of choice. Over the years Dr. Krauchunas has been diligent with my vision care. I was amazed with his knowledge and advise of my overall healthcare with each vision checkup. In February 2017 it was time again for my checkup. My standard tests were completed and Dr. Krauchunas asked if I had any concerns. I expressed on occasion my glasses did not appear to be helping. Number one, he was listening to me. He suggested I come in again for field vision tests. I made an evening appointment at the end of March. Upon review of my test, Dr. Krauchunas sat down with me to explain his concerns. The test results indicated that I did not have glaucoma nor cataracts, which could have been a possibility, but the test indicated I had lost my peripheral vision therefore likely a growth pressing onto my optic nerve. He was calm and kind with his diagnosis but expressed urgency in needing an MRI. Early the next day he reached out to me to confirm his referral to my Primary Care Physician, how I was doing and how I could easily reach out to him. In less than a week, the MRI was completed at Lakes Region General Hospital and read by my PCP I had a Neoplasm of the Pituitary Gland non-malignant and soon I was on my way to meet with a Neurosurgeon at Mass General. Surgery was scheduled very quickly with Dr. Brooke Swearingen. The tumor removed with no damage to my eyesight and pituitary gland. Six weeks after the surgery I went back to Dr. Krauchunas for an updated field vision test. The test confirmed the return of my peripheral vision.

I am grateful to Dr. Scott Krauchunas. I highly advise you choose Scott. He saved my vision and my life as I know it. He has a handsome facility. It is bright, clean, spacious and has the newest most up to date medical equipment. The processes in setting appointment and reminders are fantastic for the busy patient. His staff is great. Mostly I am in appreciation of his care and concern for me as his patient.”

-Betty Ballantyne